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Been a while...

2012-04-22 21:04:36 by DaKamikaziMan08

Plenty has happened in the last couple years since my last post... Not just on Newgrounds, either.

However, I decided that I will attempt to try to make my own little contributions where I can, and that will consist of pixel art dedicated to Krinkels' Madness for the time being. Hopefully I will be able to afford a flash-making product soon enough, but until then I'll make do with what I have.

Ironically enough, I also lost half of my bases for my Madness Art in a virus attack. So that means no more Krist, no more Tricky 2. I will also have to re-make some of the heads for Johnny, since I lost some of his bandaged faces. Oss, on the other hand, is in tip-top shape, the little bastard. And my personal favorite. <3

Anyway, enough love of a father to his creations. I hope the few of you that will see them will enjoy what I have to provide, and all that good stuff. Any constructive criticism, as usual, will be appreciated for everything I do.

Been a while...

Bloody Heck

2009-04-13 16:18:15 by DaKamikaziMan08

Sry... I had 2 split the picture in two since it wouldn't fit here. Last time I inserted a JPEG, the pic was... well, it was my second post. I also apologize 4 the quality of the pic, since my Paint program does something weird when saving JPEG files: It tries 2 blend the colors and images together, and ends up messing the pic. Oh well. Plez comment!!!
PS-I know that one guy in the bottom corner looks like the Hank in MC 3 Avenger, so plez don't comment about that unless u like it. Thnx!
PSS-The guys names r Krist (sounds like Christ; he's the guy dat looks like Jebus a bit), Oss (the SWAT guy) and Johnny (the guy who looks like the second version of Hank). U can't see him, but I also made a Tricky the 2nd. (I need 2 make another name 4 him; any suggestions I'll take into consideration THAT ARE SENSIBLE.) And, of course, he looks like Krinkel's Tricky.

I'll try and replace the picture with a better quality.

If you could PLEASE think up another name for my Tricky besides Tricky the 2nd, I would be grateful.

Bloody Heck

Random post I got bores

2009-04-06 13:49:24 by DaKamikaziMan08

This post actually is very random. I was bored, so I made a post for absolutley no reason whotsoever.

Krinkels and, um, cheshyre are very good at what they do.

I like madness and Thing-Thing to an obsession! =)

Please do not comment on this post, unless it is about something not related to this.

By the way, did I mention that I have a 13 year old brother who is pretty cool but can be a real pest sometimes? He also created this pic that is posted. Nvrmind, plez comment on this pic!!! My brother will drive me crazy if u don't.

Random post I got bores

Hello. For Madness freaks like myself, I have made this "photo" of my own Madness scene. Someday I'll get this into a flash. For now, please leave a note of what u think of it.

Picture!!! Picture!!! 4 Rating!!!