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Madness Combat 7.5 Madness Combat 7.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hmm... A plot Twister.

Might explain how Hank was continuously being revived for each episode. My question now is: Who is giving Deimos and Sanford orders? Is it Jebus? Tricky? Or someone else that we've never seen? (I'm obviously leaning towards the somebody else, since the duo were still receiving orders when MC 9 rolled around. Tricky and Jebus were both dead by then.)
Of course, it could be that they have contact from the Animator, KRINKELS HIMSELF! Well... or it could just be madness. XD

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Madness Amelioration Madness Amelioration

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I have seen few madness vids made by someone other than the creator himself that truly amazed me. You are one of the few.
Epic Points: Wonderful animations and cool sound effects. Well made blood splatters, and the transformations of the weapon and the robot were a very good (and unique) touch. May I also point out that despite mostly just being more Madness bloodshed, there is a faint trace of storyline behind the whole thing. Liked, too, the "invisible" man animation.

Not So Epic Points: It seems that some of the scenes were missing their skippage button (not that I ever used it). The first couple rooms weren't that great, but it improved from there. May want to separate some scenes from their full backgrounds; scenes six and 16 were incredibly laggy; first time I've ever had to turn down the quality on a fanmade madness short. On the other hand, is that a bad thing?

Overall, I am still very impressed. Way cool! Keep it up, but should've saved this piece of work for madness day.

How Valve Got Their Logo How Valve Got Their Logo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

LOL! Best and most humorous explanation!

Wububu spam!
On a more serious note, just work on your drawings a little more, and you should get off fine in the world of Newgrounds.

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Recent Game Reviews

Gyossait Gyossait

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well Made

A simple platform 8-bit horror that has a storyline that you understand and complete only when you get to the ending. I was pleasantly unsurprised by both endings; I had paid attention to all of the phrases that can be found throughout the game, and tried to base my assumptions from there. Still a dark atmosphere, though.
In future, I would suggest the following (not that this game needs those changes; it's fine as is)
- Make the game so it has savepoints where one can leave and come back without losing all their progress.
- Make the game a bit longer. (Ties in with the point above.)
- Maybe add challenge levels?
- Be at least as creative as you were with this one.
5/5, 9/10!

Alien Hominid Alien Hominid

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A game that deserves respect.

A perfect Metal Slug-type game, where you ran around with only one health bar and a certain number of lives depending on the difficulty. Enemies are nowhere near as diversified, but they still kick ass in this game, if you don't. What I really like about this game, though, is how you can scare the hell out of the FBI agents; such a thing never appeared in Metal Slug as far as I can remember. The difficulty is something to be recognized, but not admonished; it is not easy, it is indeed difficult, but there's a skill that takes hold once you begin to understand patterns to use against your foes. One thing, though: how the hell do you get past the third boss? I never got past him.
Either way, great game! 10/10, 5/5! Wish we could download these like the audio files...

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Pandemic: American Swine Pandemic: American Swine

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The best Flash RTS game... and Creator.

I am always amazed at the consistent amount of research that has been pumped into each and every one of your games (at least the ones I know of). All the games I have played by you have been directly associated with global disease, but the accuracy of your information, again, is staggering. However, even more amazing is the clever setup of playing the games; it seems complex to the average new player, but in short order the player adapts and quickly overcomes their hesitance of the array of controls and tabs.
My favorite game by you used to be Pandemic II. Now it is this; not only have you incorporated true elements of the H1N1 influenza, but it involves politics, hospitals, economy, and above all, media and overall panic. This deserves more than a 10/10, but it is all they will allow. So a 10/10, and a 5/5 for the next three weeks.

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Recent Audio Reviews

Desolated City of Ice Desolated City of Ice

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You, sir, have inspired a new creepypasta.
Right now, it's probably 70 degrees Fahrenheit in this room, and yet it feels like it's 50. Let me replace my shorts with jeans...
That's better.
See how influencial your piece is? Actually, this is not the only piece. I absolutely love your work; it's perfect for my English and Creative Writing classes, especially if I have writer's block. It helps to draw in some ideas and puts me in the mood for writing.
If only I had discovered this sooner... then I might have listened to this all year and be the most reknowned writer in those two classes. Nah, just kidding.
But seriously.... actually I'm going to stop. I'm rambling over just how friggin' amazing and inspiring this... >insert superawesomeamazing word to describe music here<. Just love it. Absolutely love it.
5/5, favorite and a download!

S3C responds:

this is what I hate about the Newgrounds redesign, i have no idea of knowing when I receive heartwarming reviews like this! sorry about the late response. Glad to hear you like my work and found this piece inspiring, keep up the writing! Thanks for your reviews!

Transitions Transitions

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A well-made piece. It's sometimes a little trying to find strictly piano pieces that have this kind of energy but are still pleasing to the ears.
It has been a while since I've played the piano, so bear my review :P

Now, from what I can hear (I'm not sure if this is electronic or an oldschool piano) it sounds like you are taking your fingers off the keys as soon as the note plays for the most part until the end. I personally prefer a bit more reverb on most of my notes, as it makes the work a bit less jagged and ragtime-ee (?) and allows it to sound more classical. However, you are the pianist, not me; I'm just one voice with one little nitpick. The piece still sounds great to me, and I'm going to download it!
9/10 review, and a 5/5.

ThatLazyPaisa responds:

Thanks great to know you like it

Sorry [Piano Improv] Sorry [Piano Improv]

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Need a Hug? =(

There must have been quite a bit of sorrow for someone to put together such a sad and emotional piece. I'd ask as to the occasion, but probably best to leave that to close friends and family. Wish I could just give you a hug, but there's this computer and probably several hundred or thousand miles in the way... I'm sorry for what happened. For what it's worth and what it was. I don't think "spoken from the heart" is good enough to describe this. This is from the soul.
Anyways, good song ^_^ Got a download from me!

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